d5 Gamers
Running Fall of Plaguestone and short PF2 adventures


Glass Cannon Podcast
Running a converted version of Emerald Spire Superdungeon. However this requires a Patreon subscription of $5 a month. 

Audio: Spotify, Download or stream from website

Roll for Combat
Fall of Plaguestone Adventure + Extinction Curse

Audio: Web hosted, YouTube, Spotify

Know Direction

Geek & Sundry: Knights of the Everflame
GMed by Jason Bulmahn, Director of Game design at Paizo
Video: hosted on YouTube

Campaign Notes Podcast

Audio: Spotify, stream or download from their website

Dice and Slice
Age of Ashes Adventure Path

Audio: Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, Stitcher and RSS Feed

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gamed

Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path in 2E
“Take a wild adventure with 8 friends all from New York as we explore the world of Pathfinder 2e. As we play we will learn the rules together, have a few sessions where we just talk about the games and sometimes have special events where we play other games. So come on in, sit for a spell and enjoy our ramblings.”

Tabletop Turmoil
Age of Ashes Adventure PathYoutube Audio only

Court of Corvids
Youtube / Podbay

PATHFINDER 2E WITH LOGAN BONNERModern+Campfires_Post+headerAvailable in: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, RSS and Google Podcasts

Dice Will Roll
A Kingmaker 2E PLaythrough.

Pickled Patrons
Based in Seattle, Washington.
The Pickled Patrons is a Pathfinder Second Edition Actual Play Podcast. Join us as we journey through the Age of Ashes, Paizo’s first released campaign for Second Edition.

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts


Dice Fall and Everyone dies
Age of Ashes Adventure Path

Dice Don’t Die
A Pathfinder Second Edition Podcast! Join us for our play-through of the Age of Ashes campaign and for deep-dive discussions on classes, game mechanics, and much more!


Heroes Wanted
Age of Ashes Adventure Path


Roll Mongers Network
Age of Ashes Adventure Path


Fall of Plaguestone Podcast

Weal or Woe

Started as a Playtest Podcast, recently converted to 2E. Homebrew Setting. 

Cracked Die Podcast
Age of Ashes Adventure Path
Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, RSS Feed

Danger Club Podcast

Third Action Podcast
Rise of the RunelordsConversionStarted as Playtest and converted once the final game launched in August 2019. 


Inglorious Bards

Have Dice Will Save

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