Organized Google Sheets with Info on alternative Character Sheets



Pathbuilder 2E 
Pathbuilder Banner

by David Wilson AKA u/Redrazors
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Second Edition Character Sheet

SCharacter Sheet logo

By Walter Kammerer AKA u/droiddruid


Browser Based

HeroLab Online

herolab-logoby LoneWolf
Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxMicrosoft EdgeApple SafariPrice: U$34.99 plus subscription fee of U$14.99 for 6 months or $24.99 for 12 months.


RPGWorkshop: PF2e Character Builder (Work in Progress)
by u/rollinvestigation (Reddit)
Web based, fill-able character sheet


Printable/Non Fillable:

Perram’s Landscape Character Sheet 
Sheet2by Jefferson Jay Thacker AKA Perram

Custom Sheet, available in English and Portuguese 

By u/juanclunac on Reddit

Dyslexic Character Sheet (Prototype)

Justin’s Character Sheet
Sheet7by u/viemexis

Home-made Character Sheet
Sheet 3by u/JRLynch A4 and Letter

Printer Friendly Expanded Character Sheet
Adds some extra pages to the traditional character sheet
Sheet15by u/Donovan_Du_Bois

Unicode Minimalist Character Sheet 
by u/BayleeButterfly

Character Sheet Page for Alchemists
by u/KingofSchmub (Reddit)

N’s Landscape Sheet
By Nick (Generaltwig on Paizo Forums)


Simplified Character Sheet



QueueTimes Fillable Character Sheet
Available in Color and B&W


Simplified and Printer-Friendlier Character Sheet 
Sheet5.PNGby u/nolinquisitor


Landscape Sheet
Paizo’s Sheet design but made fillable.
Available in One page  or with extra pages for equipment and inventory

By Jeremy (snailfecher) over at



Auto Generated Sheets

Auto Generated B&W Sheet
Sheet6by Data Lore AKA u/Deft_Delinquent

Form-fillable Pathfinder 2e Sheet
with auto-calculation and some little quality-of-life changes

Sheet8by u/Airurandojin


Pathfinder 2e Autosheet on Google Docs 
Perram’s horizontal sheet but online
Sheet9by u/FireandStone 


Pathfinder 2e Autosheet 
Sheet10by u/darthmarth28


Knight of Whispers character sheet
Sheet11 by /u/knight_of_whispers

Charon’s PF2 Char Sheetby Charon Onozuka at Paizo Forums

Automated Google Sheets based Character sheet
Sheet12by u/x2brute1

Fillable 2e Character Sheet 
Available in Color or B&W
Sheet13by u/Valaramech
u/Fatmani ‘s version of the same Sheet

Slightly Automated Pathfinder 2e Spreadsheet 
Sheet14by u/XaveTheNerd


PF2 Character Sheet
Sheet16by u/StackOfCups


PF2E Simplified Character sheet
Sheet17by u/scientificbruno

Google Sheets Character Sheet
Sheet18by u/DDOtten


PF2e level-planning automatic character sheet
Sheet19by u/imposeren


The Only Sheet 2nd Edition
Excel Workbook Tool. Paid content. 
By The Only Sheet


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