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A Repository for Community created content for Paizo’s Pathfinder Second Edition.

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Character Sheets and Builders










Reference Guides/Sites

This is where you will find System Reference Documents, Guides and Databases.



Resources for both Players and Game Masters.
From guides on how to take care of your massive Core Rulebook to Printable Spell cards.


Class Guides, how to efficiently play the game, rules guides, are all found here.

Actual Play Podcasts

Podcasts of Second Edition Pathfinder Actual Play.


Want to play Hell’s Rebels in 2E or find a Converted Eberron. Look no further!


Your favorite class is not in the system yet? Maybe someone Homebrewed it already.
Caution: Things can get wacky in here.

2E Blogs

List of Blogs that talk about Second Edition.

Third Party Publisher Resources

Third Party Publishers do a lot for the Pathfinder Community.
Plenty of their works can be found here.

Heaven and Hell

Third party Publisher Adventures

Looking for a new adventure to run?


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